Summer in coming!

The warmer months are approaching and that means more flies and sun damage!

Giving your horses protection from those pesky bugs and the hot aussie sun will make them so much happier when they're in their paddock enjoying down time.

Mesh is the go to product for protection during summer time. Mesh rugs, flyboots and flymask. Creating a nice breathable enviroment whilst your horse wears these.

Mesh rugs are going to help create a layer from not only the flies and mosquitoes but also the sun! Same goes for the Fly mask, these days there are some incredible products that are on the market to help protect your horses faces from UV and flies.

With more flies means more tail swishing so I would recommend replaiting your horses tails every 1-2 weeks to keep any baby knots happening with flyaways at the top of your horses tail. Having a good detangler handy will help not only prevent but remove any unwanted knots that have started!

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